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plumber_buttcrack_lg_whtCan you solve basic plumbing problems? Please see the helpful info below to determine whether you can do it, or if it’s time to call White’s.

If your toilet, tub and shower are stopped up, you’ll need a good electrical snake. 7/8 or larger is the way to go! If it’s just your tub or shower that’s stopped up, it’s usually hair and that can be cleared with hand snake.

Kitchen sink not draining, or draining slow? This is another area where you’d need a good electrical snake. Size: 1/2 or lardripping_faucet_lg_whtger.

You want to update your bathroom or kitchen with a new faucet? Make sure new faucet will fit. (same size as existing).

Has your water bill been much higher lately? Check your meter to find out if water is continuously running. If so, check faucets and toilets for leaking. This may be something you can fix- but if all looks okay, it could be an underground leak.

Faucet dripping or leaking? Find out manufacturer and model of fixture and buy the proper parts- or replace it.

No very little or no hot water (electric heater). If you don’t understand electricity- this could be dangerous.

Is your hot water heater leaking? Check to see if you have a warranty from the installer, manufacturer or the store you purchased it from. If not, it may have to be replaced. Since they’ll be electrical work involved, you may not be able to do this yourself. If a gas heater, you’ve have to be knowledgeable about propane or natural gas in order to work with it.

Is your toilbulldog_plunger_lg_whtet stopped up?  It’s always have a good plunger on hand.

Toilet running on and off?  Replace flapper. You could also rebuild, which is a good idea. You can purchase a kit from The Home Depot,
Lowe’s, Ace or other hardware stores- or at many area Walmarts.

Is there water on the floor around your toilet? You will need to pull out, replace the wax ring and re-seat your toilet.
You can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to get the parts you’ll need.