Our call for help was handled promptly and we were treated courteously and professionally

Dear Rodger,

We are sending our thanks to your and your teams for re-piping our home. Our call for help was handled promptly and we were treated courteously and professionally by Ashley and Helen.

Randy was helpful and suggested a recommended course of action that proved to be the best choice for us. He was decisive and and he listened attentively to our concerns and our needs at a time when we were extremely stressed.

After you carefully surveyed our situation when we decided to re-pipe our home, you listened and made professional recommendations that have proven to be excellent solutions to all our water restoration needs. So often we realize the employees of any organization truly reflect the person or persons at the top. We feel that is quite true with White’s Plumbing.

Team I (as we called them): Billy, Sterling, and Trey showed up on schedule; and, after introductions, described and walked us through their plan for digging, laying pipe, and installing faucets. They were well-mannered, well-spoken and hard working. Billy and his crew demonstrated respect for one another and they had a harmonious and productive workday. We were impressed by the care they showed with our plants and our lawn.

Team II: James and Dustin spent all the time needed to be sure we had an understanding of how the pipes would be installed, where they would be run, and where holes would be cut in our cabinets and wall. We were given every opportunity to ask questions which were answered reassuringly and courteously. And, once we were satisfied with the plan, both men worked diligently and were extremely considerate when moving about in our home. When needed, James asked our input and while we always trusted his judgment, it was nice to be asked. They too worked well together and James’ work ethic reflected a professional concern for the safety and welfare of Dustin, who spent most of his time in the attic. Both days they were here, those men worked industriously and meticulously. The neatness and cleanliness of their work areas demonstrated their professional pride in their crafts.

We could not be more pleased with our experience and we cannot thank you enough for helping us through our ten days of inconvenience.

Kermit M and Dianne J Brown