whites_Plumbing_Tallahassee_FLThere’s a continual buzz around Tallahassee regarding White’s Plumbing, and it’s no surprise. We’ve been around for a while. As a home-grown family business, we’ve successfully installed and repaired plumbing implements for neighbors like you for the last 52 years. Throughout that time period, we’ve taken on the unofficial title of “Tallahassee’s premium plumbers,” and we work daily to keep our status as your chosen company solid. Call us, and you can expect the following:

:: Quick and knowledgeable service. We keep technicians on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our staff is continually trained regarding new techniques and products.

:: A myriad of repair and installation capabilities. From “green” toilets and water heaters to extensive sewer and drain line cleaning, we have the expertise to do it all. If it involves any sort of plumbing, we’re likely up to the challenge.

:: A focus that spans both residential and commercial structures. You’re just as likely to find our crew installing a water heater next door or putting plumbing into place throughout an apartment complex.

:: A licensed, bonded and insured company that features technicians who have a solid education about the plumbing craft.

Contact a crew that understands the nuances of your project. Rain or shine, we’ll respond quickly with our trademark enthusiasm and knowledge, extending the family tradition of excellence with every job we undertake. To us, Tallahassee plumbing is a skill set passed down through generations of the White family. We look forward to sharing our skill with you.

Contact White’s today at  (850) 576-3510 .