Our History

truckwithRodgerAndDad_White’s_PlumbingNo other Tallahassee plumbing service has such a long and varied family tradition as White’s Plumbing. For the last 54 years, each generation has passed the tricks of the trade on to their progeny. That’s how long White’s Plumbing has been in existence here in Tallahassee – and we expect to be around for at least 70 more. We eat, sleep and breathe plumbing excellence, continuing a tradition we’re proud to uphold. Though technology changes constantly, we make sure that some aspects of the business are the same today as they were when we first opened our doors.

Customer Service – Our clients know us as a team that is always willing to help. We’re just as likely to troubleshoot over the phone with a frantic customer whose toilet is overflowing at 2am as we are to inspect extensive sewer lines via TV monitoring. There’s no job too small. There’s no job too large. That’s just the White’s way.

Quick Response – By keeping staff on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’re able to confidently tell our Tallahassee neighbors to rest easily. If an emergency does arise, we’ll be there.

Competitive Pricing – Those searching for Tallahassee plumbing services find us to be a reasonable and fair choice.

All-Around Knowledge – We have a passion for plumbing, and we’ve never rested on our laurels. Every day, we continually look for new and better ways to do our job.

Call us at  (850) 576-3510, Tallahassee resident. Our family specializes in making sure yours has correctly installed plumbing – and if it needs fixing, we’ll do the job expertly.