Summertime Preventative Maintenance Tips

Sunny summer days are almost here! Rising temperatures often lead to increased water usage both indoors and out. During summer months, an average family’s water bill can go up anywhere from 25-50%. If big utility costs and pesky plumbing problems aren’t part of your summer plans, take action with these preventative maintenance tips from White’s plumbing pros:

1. Going on vacation? Turn DOWN your water heater to about 120 F to save energy. It’s one easy way to lower your utility bills while you’re relaxing away from home. On the flip side…

2. Turn UP the temperature of your refrigerator. Of course, first be sure to remove perishable foods like produce, meat, and dairy.

3. When hosting backyard BBQs, be mindful of what goes down the kitchen disposal. Most disposals have a tough time processing fibrous food like celery or banana peels, and can lead to disastrous plumbing problems. Also avoid fats and cooking oils because they can cause stubborn clogs in your pipes. Same goes for eggshells and cornhusks – don’t let them go down the drain! If a troublesome item does get by, go ahead flush it by running cold water at full pressure for 10-15 seconds.

4. Say goodbye to annoying bug bites by eliminating ANY standing water in your yard – even puddles have the power to attract disease-bearing insects (and mold!).

5. Go green. Ask us how to capture grey water or rainwater for your garden during the hottest months out of the year. Many of these systems quickly pay for themselves.

6. Store your garden hose properly with the nozzle pointed down and disconnect them when not in use.

7. Tend to your trees. Any kind of tree growth can cause roots to make their way up to your sewer line in search of water, causing plumbing problems. If you’re experiencing sewage backups, give us a call! We’ll help you determine what’s causing the damage. All too often, trees are the root cause.

8. Know how old your water heater is to prevent surprise repair or replacement costs. The average water heater typically last less than 10 years. You can determine the age of your water heater by simply checking the last four digits of the serial number on the tank. This will show you the month and year it was manufactured.

9. Adventures in the great outdoors can mean loads more laundry. Get in the habit of removing dryer lint with every cycle – and never leave home while the washer or dryer are running.

10. Know what’s up with your washing machine hose. On average, a rubber washing machine hose needs to be replaced every three years. If you can see cracks or bulges – call White’s!

11. Move your washer and dryer at least 4-5 inches from the wall to prevent damage.

12. Show your lawn some love! When you water your lawn at the right time, you save money. White’s plumbers recommend watering in the early morning and evening, after the sun goes down.

13. Think ahead. For preventative maintenance, schedule a sewer line inspection at the start of summer, especially if there have been recent rains. Tree roots naturally grow toward a leaking sewer line in search of water, and can be a common culprit for cracks in your home plumbing system.

14. Summer is a smart time to save. Consider replacing a few of you older appliances such as faucets, showerheads, and toilets with more energy efficient products. You’ll notice significant savings on your water bill.

15. Scheduling regular plumbing maintenance inspections is the best way to proactively protect your home. The White’s team is happy to stay on top of your system. We’ll check all your appliances and fixtures for leaks and safeguard your drains.